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Interested in our services? Provide the date(s), number of stations, and number of hours for that day. After you submit the form, we’ll contact you to work out any other relevant details.

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    This is just an estimate and is not final! Taxes not included. Generated using the number of stations and hours entered at the top of the form. Calculated with a rate of $75 per hour, per station.

    How do I use this form?

    For every day that you want VR services, tell us the:

    • Date that you want the service on
    • Number of stations you’d like
    • Total number of hours you want those stations for on that day

    Then, repeat for up to seven days. If you want our services for more than seven days, you can let us know in the “Anything else you’d like us to know” field.

    Once you submit the form, we’ll follow up with you to discuss and finalize the details.

    If you’re not looking to request a booking but still would like to contact us about something, you can click here.