We have two types of waivers. Depending on if you’d like to participate in the VR or if you’re hosting the event, you may need to sign one or both of these waivers. You can do this online ahead of the event, or you can do it at the event, whatever is more convenient for you. Click the button below each one to view and sign the corresponding waiver.

  • Participant Liability Waiver.¬†This is for anyone who wants to experience VR at the events we serve. If you plan on using a VR headset and controllers, you’ll need to read and sign this waiver. It talks about the potential health risks associated with VR and related legal implications.
  • Event Host Liability Waiver. This waiver is only for those who are providing the location for the VR activity. If you’re looking to have us at your house, business, or another location, then this is waiver that you’ll have to sign. It explains the potential risks of having VR stations on your property and discusses other related legal concerns.

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